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Christmas Party 2016


Christmas is a time to celebrate God's greatest gift to us, His Son.  This year we celebrated our client party at Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa, with both the Oshawa and the Ajax sites coming together for one big party.  

Sunflower the clown, Sheri Gundry, came and did some amazing face painting for us.  The children seemed to love the incredible creations she and her assistant did on their faces and we even had a few pregnant moms have a design done on their bellies. 

Grace DiBello of Grace Photography volunteered her time and her talent to take family photos of the clients, this has become a yearly tradition and something that they all look forward to.  

We would like to thank Sunflower, Grace Photography and Calvary Baptist for helping to make this year's party a success.

Can you Help?


  • We are in need of a few specific items for clients at both our sites: 

 formula, baby food, cereal, size 5 diapers

  • Monthly supporters to keep the sites open and invest in the future. We have seen a decline in our pre-authorized monthly giving (Ind Sup - Individual Support in the chart) year over year. It is the easiest way for you to give and the most dependable for us. Just fill out the form at the side of the newsletter and return by mail, fax or email. Or you can give on your mobile device using the QR code on that same form.


  • Do you like to garden? We have need of someone at each site that has a Green thumb and would be willing to look after our gardens for a few hours each month. Gardening once monthly or lawn mowing weekly in Oshawa would be a great help. There is a lawnmower on site and other equipment can be provided as needed. Call Sue at 905-720-3252

Please remember us in your will and trusts

Prayer & Praise

Praise for new opportunities like a new site (potentially in Bowmanville) and a new program - CHOICE42 -that has been adopted into the PHC as of January 1, 2017. Check them out at 

Praise for the kindness of those people who share their abilities with us in less traditional ways of volunteering like interceding in prayer, making reusable  client bags, handyman stuff or knitting/crocheting/quilting.  Amazing kindness!

Praise for our volunteers - new ones and the older ones. We could not do the work without them. We will need to increase our volunteer base and we have a training scheduled. If you are interested, check out the back of the newsletter or go to the website -

Pray for new donors and supporters of the ministry. Pray for the board as they consider new ways to engage the community in supporting our calling. Is there a more important one than to protect life - a most precious gift from our Maker?

Samantha came in before closing to tell us that she had an abortion. She was barely coping. Samantha was  struggling with her little girl, Emma -  two years old and a real handful. Samantha said sometimes she didn't know how she got through the day. Every other weekend, Emma goes and stays with her dad and that gives Samantha some time to herself. But in the every day, the days are long and the sleep is interrupted nightly. She began to cry. She really did not want to have an abortion, but she felt she had no choice. The guy she was with now, it was an “on again/off again”.  He wasn't sure he could cope with Emma. She didn't even tell him she was pregnant with his child. She had no one to tell. Her parents were Catholic and would be really disappointed.  She asked if we knew of a church where she could go. 

The floor was crazy busy – kids playing with the toys, babies crawling, moms looking for stuff. In the midst, Samantha still cried. We went upstairs. In the quiet, we talked about her church and what she had learned about God growing up. She felt what she did was wrong and wasn't sure God could possibly forgive her for the abortion. She felt so alone and abandoned in her grief. 

We shared that God was so close she could reach out and touch Him. He had not abandoned her, He had brought her in so we could remind her how much He loved her. He had lost His son too. A sacrifice. God knows grief. She was not alone. At that moment, she chose to be born again and to be a Christ follower. 

We provided some names of churches close to her home  where she could grow in her faith and Samantha was set up in counseling to work through her post-abortive experience.
Please pray for our clients who have abortions or are calling in to schedule them. And remember our volunteers who minister to them with grace and kindness and hope.

Katherine Michel
Executive Director

(a true story with details changed to protect confidentiality)


Last month CHOICE42 posted a story on their website about a mother of twins. When she was pregnant, doctors told Danielle that there was a significant size difference between the twins and she was encouraged to abort her smaller baby to 'save' the larger. She refused and delivered both babies – today they are healthy 2-year-olds.

The story was shared widely through our social media and last week a woman commented on the post, saying she 'really needed to read this'. We reached out to her and asked her if everything was ok. She told us that she is pregnant with twins and is in the exact same scenario of being pressured to abort the smaller baby. We asked if she would like to connect with Danielle for support from someone who knows what she's going through. The two mothers have connected online and we're hoping that like Danielle's twins, these babies will both be given their chance at LIFE.


Did you know?

In addition to our presentations on relationships, pregnancy options & teen pregnancy, we offer Durham high school students a presentation on Sexually Transmitted Infections, or 'STI's' (formerly 'STD's'). WHY? STI's are a significant and rapidly increasing public health concern in Canada, and rates are increasing especially among our teens. In the 1970s, 1 in 47 teens were STI positive. Today, it's 1 in 4. Teen girls are most at risk to contracting an STI, and certain STI's can lead to invasive infections, cancer, ectopic pregnancy and/or infertility. In most cases, there are no vaccines to prevent STI's (besides Hep B & HPV), and prevention is both an individual and community responsibility. Last semester, we spoke to approximately 125 students across Durham about prevalence, risk, treatment and prevention of STIs, and we are already booking for this semester.

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